为了进一步提升JITRI在全球的影响力,吸引全球精英人才与JITRI深入合作,9月21日至23日,JITRI高级战略顾问、前新加坡国会议员及世界经济论坛全球青年领袖社区创始成员Penny Low女士,带领由部分全球青年领袖成员、全球杰出青年(Global Shapers)成员及新加坡杰出人士共21位嘉宾组成的考察团访问了 JITRI院本部,JITRI—鱼跃联合创新中心,JITRI专业研究所——先进激光技术研究所、智能液晶研究所、纳米材料与器件研究所、脑空间信息技术研究所,及新港兴智产业园、南京中医药大学等,充分了解了江苏的产业发展情况和地域文化特色。










       Martin Bruncko:

        I think there are two advantages of JITRI. The first is obviously, the ability of JITRI to connect the advanced projects and advanced companies to the right partners in china to access and jointly benefit from the giant market in China offers. The second one is increasingly more interesting will be with time that human resources that China has and the brain potential. And so I think if you connect this potential here with the existing resources in places like Europe, United States, you can start creating some pretty amazing  technologies.

       What i've seen here in JITRI is that it's a very impressive speed and scale of your execution.

       I have been quite impressed by the level of technology we've seen here. And in particular, the research is clearly the cutting edge. 

       It's surprising that how open to collaborations institute that we have worked with.

       I  hope, based on what we have seen and believe that there might be some very interesting companies and products coming out ,supported by the provincial government of Jiangsu. 

       Irina Anghel-Enescu:

       I was very impressed. JITRI have put into finding the best practices worldwide and adapting them to the local specific cities. But I have to say that everything is right.Topics which are covered here give me very high hope for the future. I think we became ambassadors of JITRI and of this places that we saw. We look forward to having cooperations between our parts of the world and JITRI. And we wish you the best of luck for the hope of science generally and for the hope of everything that leads to great technology implemented very well. 

       Osman Haneef:

       I mean incredibly impressed by JITRI in the work that you're doing here. I think it's always hear about how China's the cutting edge. and going on this part , you really see the innovations and actually it's almost like visiting the future, the future is now  in JITRI. And  I am really very impressed by everything i've seen so far. We look forward to seeing a lot of these things being commercialized and introduced into the markets .

       Valerie  Feldman:

       It was an incredible three days to me. It really represented the frontier of research in China. It's been wonderful and fantastic to see the innovativeness, the investment and all the openness towards inviting people from around the world, scholars and researchers and academics and corporations. I think many countries in the world can learn from what you do.


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